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Matteo Manduzio

Matteo Manduzio


Matteo Manduzzio was born in 1951 in San Severo in the Italian region of Puglia but he lives and works in Munich, Germany. He studied architecture in Florence but after three years decided that the career was not for him. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life drawing plans and working in an office. He broke off his formal education and followed his instinct.

Even as a child he had been fascinated by photography and painting. Matteo Manduzzio was fortunate to have two very good teachers within his own family who recognized and encouraged his talent. His father taught him a great deal about black and white photography and spent countless hours with him in the darkroom. His grandfather, an established painter, taught him how to use a brush and paint. Both profoundly influenced the style of his photographs.

Matteo was fortunate to discover his ideal medium. Photography allowed him to develop his creativity and to combine it with his interest in design and architecture. He loves both large and small productions and is happiest with a camera in his hand.

Matteo Manduzio
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